Rory is definitely both imaginative and beautiful. Cho has created such an enthralling and original take on ghosts and the afterlife in Rory. I've never encountered a world of ghosts and a premise quite like this one!
Word Spelunking 4/5

Rory marked the start of a very exciting new series that I cannot wait to read more of. If you're looking for a book that has a unique twist on ghosts along with a realistic main character, look no further than this book.
Music, Books and Tea 5/5

Despite being the main character in a seriously paranormal world Rory is the most down to earth, relate-able character I have had the pleasure to enjoy in a while. She is literally just your average girl with faults, quirks, fear, and confidence issues. [...] I loved watching her navigate her way through this insane, brand new world.
Owl Read It 4/5

It was creative, magical, inventive, and ultimately dazzling.
Love, Literature, Art, and Reason 5/5

Rory was a really enjoyable, inventive read.
The In-Between Place 4/5

WhY.A.not? 4/5

The Cuckoo’s Nest 8/10

If you don't like ghost stories then you have to give this a try because it”s a ghost story with a difference! And if you like your fantasy whimsical and a little bit mad then don’t miss this one.
Total Teen Fiction 4/5

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